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Dannie Duluth Consignment Clothing and Furniture

Dannie Duluth Store Policies and Pricing


  • When your item is sold, you will receive 40% of the selling price.
  • Most items (but not all) stay at the regular price for 30 days. After that they go to 1/2 price for an additional 30 days. After 60 days most items are donated to charities. Some items we keep in the store longer. We no not return unsold items.
  • NOTE: Exceptions are made for very expensive clothing items. You will receive 50% of the selling price. Expensive items will not be automatically reduced in price and will be returned to you if they do not sell.

Consignment at Dannie Duluth, MinnesotaPAYMENT POLICIES:

  • Checks are mailed to your home on the 1st of every month - minimum amount $20.75.
  • Balance owed less than $20.75 must be used as a store credit or you are encouraged to bring in more items to bring your payment check up to the minimum.



  • Furniture priced under $500 - consignors are paid 50% of the selling price.
  • Furniture priced over $500 - consignors are paid 60% of the selling price.
  • Furniture priced over $2000 - consignors are paid 70% of the selling price.

NOTE: We will agree on a selling price and actively sell your furniture for a period of 3 months. If after 6 weeks (1/2 way through selling period) the furniture has not sold, we mark it down 10% to 20% of the selling price to try to sell it quickly. If after 3 months the furniture has not sold, you have two choices. Either you can pick up your furniture (in which case you do not have to pay anything for having your furniture on display in the store). Or, if you prefer you can allow your furniture to go on clearance. This means we will continue to mark down the price of the furniture until it sells.

You are responsible for transporting the furniture to the store. Dannie Duluth does not pick up furniture.

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